Advertisers Control Your Social Media Community

This isn’t quite true. Although big social networking sites such as Fb or Twitter are publicly traded companies, the assertion rings true for social media workers who are exhausted by their knowledge currently being sold to manufacturers through social networks. If you are looking for a technology that allows many different businesses and companies to accurately track, and maximize their Business Marketing, Asset Management, Fleet Management, People Management, Tracking, Security, and Market Research, you should know more about geofencing

Ello, another social networking platform, may be the answer to these discouraged social media marketers. Ello is known as the “anti Facebook” because it stands for privacy and opposes promoting. Ello has been the subject of major publicity in just about every major media outlet including the New York Times (NYT), ABC Information, Gawker and New York Each Day Information.

This is the thrill of common customer suffering: Facebook’s use personalized information to show specific ads.

According to Wall Street Journal latest findings, unwanted ads and privacy concerns may be driving clients away from social-media marketing. Paul Budnitz is the founder of Ello and believes that Facebook users will be annoyed by the insufficient privacy and numerous advertisements.

The new social community will earn revenue from premium solutions and not advertising and marketing. Budnitz is a source of inspiration for many end users who have suggested features they would pay extra for. Ello will not share information about subscribers to advertisers, data broker or other third parties.

Ello’s positioning and PR plan are working beautifully. Ello can sign up 45,000 more users every HOUR. There have been some technical problems caused by the inflow of hackers, consumers, and other users. Ello was almost flawlessly introduced. However, there is some criticism.

Ello is still a beta version. To join you’ll need an invitation. However, viewing other profiles gives marketers a wonderful taste of what to expect. The “feed”, which is a simplified version of Twitter, has a black-andwhite layout (among other attributes that buyers may be ready to purchase to customize). Ello employees suggest that customers may be interested in a way to “Love”, posts. Consumers can also touch upon content. A buyer can filter activity and posts in two buckets, “Friends,” and “Noise,” to further refine their search.

However, just because manufacturers cannot advertise on Ello does not mean they are incapable of having a strong presence. Engagement on Ello depends less on promotions or discounts and more on associations, as Elizabeth Minton explains in her Guide to Ello. Be aware that Ello members joined Ello to escape the commercialism associated with other networks. It should only be educational, entertaining, and social.

Ello allows manufacturers to be trusted and relevant in the anti-Facebook, anti-social community group. Marketers might ask for an invitation immediately to start building relationships with the demographic that social networking giants have ignored.

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