The Basics of Purchasing: The Buy Here, Pay Here Lot

For those with bad credit, a “buy here-pay here” car lot could be a blessing. It can be difficult for those with poor credit scores due to late payments, repossessions or bankruptcy to get car loans on credit terms. It’s time for you to find alternative arrangements if you have been ignored by dealers after dealer. A lot that accepts bad credit may be the solution. You won’t get the same great terms as at a traditional lot. However, if you have to drive a vehicle, there may not be any other options. These are the basics of buying a vehicle, additional info!

What to Bring

You will need to have some things on hand if you are looking to do a quick transaction. Although every dealership will have different requirements, this list is helpful. Your driver’s license and proof of insurance are all good items. While many of these people will overlook your poor credit, they will likely insist that you have a job.

Making payments

It is important to know exactly how your payments will be made before you buy a car from a buy-here-pay-here lot. There is typically no grace period for missing payments, unlike traditional lenders. You will be paying bi-weekly or weekly. Many companies will require you to personally deliver cash or check. Some will let you pay online, while others allow you to pay over the phone. When you purchase a vehicle, be sure to ask about your options. Some dealerships may require you to sign up for withdrawal.


You should make sure that the lot with buy here, pay here is close to where you will be paying your bill. You have a greater chance of forgetting a payment the further you travel. If that happens, it could lead to repossession, or at most, a late charge. This could be the last thing that you need, depending on your financial situation. You should look for a lot near your workplace or home. Although it may not seem like an issue, it can quickly become a problem if you need to travel there several times per month.