The New Frontier For Space, Self-Storage

Self-storage was a major part of the US’s 2009 infrastructure. It may seem strange that this is the case in our modern world, where temporarily storing one’s belongings is as easy as ordering decaffeinated hazelnut milkshakes. But, this was not always true. These facilities, which were virtually non-existent 50 year ago, are almost ubiquitous today. This concept is not only practical, but it can also be explained brilliant storage.

The first self-storage facility was opened in Fort Lauderdale, Florida in 1958. Texas had begun to develop mini-storage units in the 1960s. California created one of the most important chains in America in 1972. These three states not only saw the birth of self-storage, but they also boast the highest concentrations in rentable space in the U.S. as of today.

It wasn’t until 1990s that the industry saw an explosion in national growth. The demand for storage space was outpacing the supply. Nearly a decade later over 30,000 companies across the country were renting at least 2Billion square feet of storage space. These sudden changes could be indicative of several factors. In the late 1970s Steven Tyler could be heard singing Aerosmith’s “Toys In The Attic”. This nostalgic idea may lose popularity as attics are no longer common in modern home construction. These trusses cost less than traditional, rafter roofs and take up the majority of space that used to be an attic. People also had to look for other storage options for their old toys.

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